If you have just bonded out of jail regardless of what you were placed there for, your next step will be a mandatory court appearance. Typically, this takes place within a few days, but it can also be two weeks before you will have to appear.

When making your first appearance, it’s always a good idea to be accompanied by your attorney. In the event that you do not have an attorney, your case will be reset by the judge so that you can then hire one. If you are unable to do this as well, you can instead request a court-appointed attorney.

Your first court date will involve your attorney officially signing on to represent you. They will then be able to view the official offense report; however, if the report was not turned in on your first court date, the case may end up being reset until the report becomes available.

Your attorney will then file a request to obtain copies of everything that is currently in the state’s file, including the following:

*Video recordings

*Audio recordings

*Witness statements

*Offense reports

Regardless of what the case involves, always be sure to give your attorney ample time to perform their work. In the end, it will benefit you greatly to allow your attorney the chance to investigate everything, especially since whatever they find will never hurt your chances. This is thanks in large part to your attorney being under no obligation to inform the prosecution about what they have found, especially if it’s evidence that could end up getting your case dismissed.

Furthermore, there is also the chance that your first court date could end up getting reset multiple times. Usually, this is due to the fact that they are overloaded with other cases that cannot be quickly resolved. Because of this, your attorney will have much more time to investigate all aspects of your case.

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