It’s important to keep in mind that if you receive a ticket in the city of Austin, every violation that’s listed on that ticket is considered to be criminal in nature. If any option has not been either provided or mailed prior to the appearance date listed on the ticket, this can immediately result in negative consequences.

For instance, if you fail to appear in a timely manner or comply with a court order, you could run the risk of being hit with the following additional penalties:

*Increased fines

*Additional fees and costs

*Warrant for arrest

In order to avoid these penalties, it is advised that you comply with not only any and all scheduled court dates, but also any payment agreements that may be made.

In terms of parking cases, these violations will apply if a ticket isn’t taken care of in a timely manner:

*Losing the right to have a hearing

*Doubling of fines issued

*Towing of the vehicle involved or having a boot placed on it

*30% added to fees added by a collection agency

If you have been issued a ticket involving any type of red light offense, the following violations will apply in the event that the ticket you receive isn’t timely taken care of:

*Addition of a $25 delinquent fee

*Losing the right to have a hearing

*Collection agency becomes involved

In the event that a juvenile is involved in receiving a parking ticket, a warrant for their arrest will be issued if they fail to take care of the ticket in a timely manner.

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