Cases involving specific violations in the city of Austin could end up getting dismissed; however, this depends on various types of legal circumstances. Typically, as long as the violation is fixed and/or proof is shown via your ticket’s appearance date, then your case will likely end up being dismissed.

Here are three ways that you can handle a ticket in Austin.

Compliance Dismissals

Depending on the case, there are certain violations and/or legal circumstances that can end up getting dismissed, provided that you either show proof or bring specific factors into compliance. It is also recommended that you obtain the services of an attorney in order to obtain the necessary legal advice.

Ways to Pay

There are all sorts of different payment methods that are accepted by the Austin Municipal Court, as well as ways for you to make the necessary payments. These include cash, money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks, and a major credit card. Here are the methods in which you can pay:


*In person



*Drop Box

*Western Union

*Payment arrangements

Deferred Disposition

The option to defer, or postpone, the disposition of your case in order to place you on probation for a certain amount of time is also offered by the court. During this period, you will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of the deferral itself. The terms of this will naturally vary. You will not be eligible for something like this if the following applies:

*You are charged with leaving the scene of an accident or passing a school bus

*You received your ticket while driving in a construction zone in the presence of workers

*You have a commercial driver’s license even if the violation had occurred during a time in which you were driving a private vehicle

You will always be notified if you are determined to not be eligible for a deferred disposition.

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