The dramatic divorces you see on T.V. are not the typical divorce. These divorces are known as contested divorces, and as entertaining as they are, are not the norm. There are actually several different kinds of divorce.

It used to be that whoever was filing for divorce had to prove wrongdoing of their spouse in order to obtain the divorce. Things like abandonment, abuse and adultery were often the only things that could be cited as the “fault” for a divorce. Nowadays though most states, outside Arizona, Louisiana and Arkansas, have “no fault” divorces, meaning no wrongdoing is required.

Uncontested Divorce

The “boring” version of a divorce where both parties are on the same page and file for divorce separately with the details already worked out. This is the opposite of the contested divorce you see on T.V. There are no hearings, no court and no trial.

Collaborative Divorce

This form of divorce is like uncontested divorce but both parties hire attorneys. It’s a way to solve discourse between the two sides without involving a trial and judge. Before beginning both spouses must sign a document that says they will work together to come to an agreement.

Default Divorce

This form of divorce happens when one spouse doesn’t respond to the divorce. This is usually because the spouse can’t be found. The divorce is granted by default and there is no need to o to court.

Summary Divorce

These divorces are used to streamline divorces for couples that are most likely to cooperate, meaning they don’t have children, substantial assets or weren’t married long. In this instance the spouses just have to fill out a few forms.

Contested Divorce

This involves both parties hiring separate attorneys and appearing before a judge for them to decide how assets and custody will be decided. This process includes hearings, settlement negotiations and eventually court if they can’t agree. This form of divorce is necessary when both spouses have a high net worth, considerable assets and a lot at stake in general.

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