It’s no secret that life can be full of all sorts of risks. Some of them are worth taking, yet others obviously are not. This can include driving without insurance anywhere in the entire state of Texas. In fact, something like this comes with its own set of penalties. They include the following:

Caught Without Insurance
Like many other states, Texas requires drivers to carry a minimum of liability coverage. While most drivers across the state do comply with the law and carry proof of this type of coverage, there are a lot who don’t. In fact, the total percentage of uninsured drivers throughout the state total between 20% and 25%.

First Offense
The first time you are caught driving without insurance will more than likely result in you getting off rather lightly. First-time offenders are generally cited and fined between $175 and $350, as well as a $250 surcharge on your driver’s license fee for the next three years.

Further Offenses
In the event of subsequent convictions, the numbers add up rather quickly. For instance, you can be fined between $350 and $1,000 for each additional time you are caught driving without insurance. The $250 surcharge on your license fee for three years will also apply as well. Additionally, a repeat offender can have their license revoked, as well as their vehicle impounded.

If you end up getting into an accident that turns out to be your fault, you will be held fully liable for all injuries and property damage. This is the case whether you have insurance or not.

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