Despite what you may have heard or thought before, it actually does matter what you wear to court in the event you end up having to go there for some reason or another. How you present yourself will always be noticed by the judge, jury, and everyone else occupying the courtroom. Dressing in the right manner will show the following, regardless of what the case involves:

*You have respect for the court itself

*You are taking the matter at hand very seriously

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you absolutely have to wear a suit and tie; however, at the same time, you always want to present the best possible image to the court. The way you dress will also help your attorney represent you even more.

Here are the things that you should never wear to court under any circumstances:

*Muscle/sleeveless shirt

*Exercise outfit

*Anything that is either too dressy or sexy


*Crop tops

*Anything involving spaghetti straps


*Athletic attire


*Clothing that’s either too large or too small

*Anything that shows your underwear




*High heels

*Open-toed shoes


*A lot of jewelry

*Sunglasses (unless prescribed for a medical reason)

*Wet/messy hair


*A lot of perfume/cologne

*Smelling like alcohol/tobacco/marijuana

*Extremely long nails


*Bare shoulders/legs


Here’s a list of what you should wear:

*Suit with tie

*Sports coat

*Long-sleeve button-down shirt


*Dress/woman’s business suit

*Conservative pantsuit

*Conservative top/long slacks

*Closed-toe shoes

*Conservative shoes

*Neatly groomed

*Shaved/trimmed face


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