If you or someone you know is thinking about obtaining a divorce, it’s important to know that you aren’t alone in those thoughts, as in the state of Texas, approximately 75,000 people divorce every year. Regardless of why you may want to end your marriage, there are a few important facts that you will need to consider in regards to the law.

Here are three of those important facts.

The Process is Lengthy

There is virtually no chance that a speedy divorce can take place, as a divorce is not final in Texas for around 60 days after the petition has been filed. Additionally, it can take between six months and one year or more for a divorce to be finalized, though this depends on the various issues and conflicts that are involved.

“No-Fault” Divorces

“No-fault” divorces are permitted in Texas, which essentially means that whoever files for divorce doesn’t have to prove any wrongdoing, marital misconduct, or fault involving their spouse. Fault may, however, be taken into consideration by the judge in terms of how all property can be fairly divided.

Legal Separation Not Recognized

The state of Texas currently does not recognize legal separations, meaning that when both spouses are living apart from one another, all of the property and debt that is acquired becomes community property and community debt, respectively. Essentially, this means that both people are still legally married to one another until they get legally divorced.

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