When it comes to driving with an invalid license, the definition for this is rather simple and straightforward. This involves anyone who operates a motor vehicle while the following factors are in effect:

*Their driver’s license is suspended

*Their driver’s license is revoked

*Their driver’s license is denied

*Their driver’s license is canceled

Anyone found to be engaging in this type of activity will run the risk of being placed on an additional suspension, which will last for the same period of time as the initial suspension itself.

In order for a driver’s license to be reinstated, the following must be done:

*Payment of all of the required reinstatement fees

*Obtaining an SR-22 from any authorized insurance company and submitting it to the DPS

If an individual’s driver’s license is either suspended or revoked, they may submit an application for an occupational license, which would permit the driver to travel on the basis of the following:



*Activities related to household duties

There may also be instances where individuals may be required to submit specific compliance documents, such as an SR-22 or a certificate of completion, in order to have their driver’s license reinstated. Once these documents are submitted and approved, the official driver eligibility status will change from “ineligible” to “eligible.” Additionally, all of the necessary fees must also be paid.

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