Invalid License

Driving while license invalid in Texas. Under Texas state law, it is an offense for an individual to operate a motor vehicle on a highway if the following applies:

*The driver’s license has been revoked under section TRANSP 521.457 if they do not possess a license issued under this section.

*The driver’s licenses is either revoked or suspended under any state law.

*The license is expired while the driver was under suspension.

*The driver does not have a license issued under section TRANSP 521.457 following license renewal.

A further offense will be committed if the driver is under an order the specifically prohibits them from obtaining a driver’s license, yet are still operating a vehicle on the highway. In this case, the driver cannot state as a defense that they ever received a notice of the suspension imposed upon them as the result of being convicted of an offense under section 521.341.

Any offense under this section is classified as a Class C misdemeanor, with it changing to a Class B if the individual had previously been convicted under this section prior or if an offense was committed with a vehicle in operation under section 601.191.

If it’s determined that a license was previously suspended due to operating a vehicle while intoxicated, this will count as a Class B misdemeanor. A Class A misdemeanor can be determined if it’s proven that the individual operating a vehicle was at fault in an accident that resulted in either serious bodily injury or death of another person.