There are many states that have all sorts of ridiculous laws on the books concerning different factors. Texas is one of those states, especially in terms of driving laws.

Here are five of the most ridiculous driving laws that are currently on the books throughout the state of Texas.

*If you live in the Denton County section of the city of Fort Worth, you are required to set your parking brake every time you exit your vehicle.

*It is completely illegal to drive down Broadway anytime before noon if you live in the city of Galveston.

*In the city of Lubbock, a driver is not permitted to drive within an arm’s length of alcohol. This includes any alcohol that may be in the bloodstream of anyone else riding with the driver.

*A driver is not permitted to have anything that protrudes from the bumper of their vehicle unless a chain is attached to it. This law is in effect statewide.

*A horse owner is not allowed to ride them at night if no tail lights are present. This law is in effect in the city of Texarkana.

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