Family Law

Divorce and Custody Attorney Austin

Attorney Jethva is both a skilled and tactful negotiator, who understands that in many cases the best and most economical way for a client to handle a family law matter is to stay out of court when possible. That being said, she will not hesitate to try your case to a judge or jury, or have contested hearings when negotiations break down or no longer serve her client, or their children.

The benefit of a client-centered family law practice such as ours is that we always advise the best course of action for the client’s individual needs. Where many lawyers choose the route that earns them the largest amount of hourly bills, or alternatively, the easiest and laziest way out of a hard case, Payal Jethva will never compromise on integrity and work done right.

If you find yourself going through a divorce or child custody matter, contact our office for a free consultation and let us go through your options with you.