Bicycle laws in the state of Texas are defined by statutes laid out in the Texas Transportation Code. Bicycles in Texas while on the road must follow the same rules of the road. This means that people riding bikes can get tickets for speeding, running stop signs or turning out of turn. Other rules are as follows:

*Bicycles are permitted to have the same duties and rights as operators of other types of vehicles. This means that bicyclists are required to stop at both red lights and stop signs. On the other hand, all cars must yield right of way to a bike whenever it’s appropriate.

*A bicyclist has the right to taken the lane whenever it’s deemed necessary for safety purposes, though the law actually states that they should stay as near to the curb as possible.

*At least one hand should always remain on the handlebars at all times.

*Use signals with your arms and hands, such as when you plan to turn in a specific direction.

*Never allow friends to share the same bike with you while you’re riding.

*If you plan to ride at night, have a white light on the front of the bike and a red one on the back, both of which will reflect light and let other driver’s know you are on the road. State law previously mandated that a red reflector must be placed on the back of a bike; however, in 2001, this was amended to allow actual lights to be placed there instead.

*Do not test the bike’s brakes.

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