CPS cases

Austin family law CPS cases. There are some instances in which Child Protective Services, or CPS, may end up getting involved with your family in some form or another. If it’s alleged that they are being abused or neglected, Texas law mandates that all allegations be investigated thoroughly. In any instance, CPS may seek to have them removed and placed in the custody of a relative or even foster care. If a court order is obtained by CPS, both parents will be named as parties in the lawsuit.

In the end, either the parents will get their children back or all parental rights will be terminated and the children could be placed up for adoption. Another more rare result could see the children placed with a third party, yet the rights of the parents will be significantly restricted.

If a case gets made that a child faces the threat of either abuse or neglect, they can be removed without a court order. If CPS removes a child from a home without first obtaining a court order, one must be obtained and presented to the parents or guardians. Within 14 days of removal, a hearing will be held to determine whether they should be returned.

In any CPS investigation, a child will be interviewed on camera by a caseworker, and they are not required to inform parents before the interview takes place. Additionally, other children, neighbors, relatives, etc. can also be interviewed, and an inspection of the child’s home may also be conducted. An investigation is generally required to be completed within 30 days; however, extensions may be requested.

If a lawsuit has been filed or if CPS has removed a minor from a home, it’s a good idea to hire an attorney. Furthermore, it is required that CPS investigation details not be released to the public; however, parents, law enforcement, and attorneys will be able to obtain more information. CPS will also share if treatment such as therapy will be needed with these officials as well as information necessary to the child’s needs if they are placed in the care of a relative.