Order of nondisclosure

Austin attorney order of nondisclosure. Generally defined, an order of nondisclosure is a court order that expressly prohibits police departments and courts from being able to disclose certain criminal records. This means that anyone who may currently have a criminal record will likely be able to take advantage of this type of an order.

Additionally, the order also legally prevents an individual from disclosing any and all information regarding their criminal history on any job applications.

It’s important to note that this type of order applies only to specific criminal offenses rather than all offenses on an individual’s record; however, multiple orders may be obtained for multiple offenses.

Offenders are able to file a petition for this order if the following six conditions are met:

*Placed on a deferred adjudication community supervision for the specific offense that was committed. This is an order should should be attached to your petition.

*The deferred adjudication must be successfully completed.

*The offense in question must be one that will entitle you to obtain this order. This includes offenses that require you to register as a sex offender, anything involving family violence, and violations of multiple sections of Texas state law.

*The offender can have no disqualifying criminal history.

*The offender must wait a certain period of time following a court order of dismissal and discharge before petitioning for the order.

*The offender must not have been convicted of, or placed on adjudication for, any criminal offense during a specific time period.

Being able to meet all of these requirements will entitle the offender to petition for, and likely receive, an order of nondisclosure. To obtain this, a petition must be filed with the court clerk who handled the offense which placed you on deferred adjudication. The fees for the petition vary by county, but upwards of $280 can be paid.