Diminished value

Austin attorney diminished value. After an auto accident takes place, all sorts of financial issues can start to become involved once the vehicle is repaired back to perfect working condition. At the same time, a vehicle involved in an accident will have diminish in value permanently, especially since the vehicle itself has suffered structural damage of any sort.

A vehicle’s diminished value will start to become clear whenever the owner tries to either trade in or sell it. There are also three main types of diminished value:


Every major insurance company has always paid out on these types of claims, and it’s something that’s happened in every single state. The two types of insurance claims for these types of cases are the following:

*First party (individuals damage their own vehicle and insurance pays for it)
*Third party (another party damages a vehicle and their insurance company pays for it)

There are also many different factors that can affect the overall calculation of diminished value. These include the following:

*Previous accidents
*Condition of the vehicle prior to the accident
*Total mileage
*Age of the vehicle
*Value of the vehicle when undamaged
*Total marketplace demand

It’s also important to remember that no vehicle is the same, meaning that the amount of diminished value will differ depending on factors that include current and previous conditions, make, and model. This makes a systematic calculation extremely necessary; however, a diminished value claim can be pursued by an individual by requesting that their insurance adjuster address the vehicle’s diminished value. The only downside is that the driver may not be properly trained to handle these types of claims, meaning the claim could end up getting turned down. In this instance, it’s useful to contact an attorney who specializes in these claims to provide as much assistance as needed.