Child protective services

Austin attorney child protective services. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is in charge of investigating cases related to child neglect and abuse, and they work closely with criminal investigation and law enforcement officials. Their duties include possibly forcibly removing children from the care of their parents or guardians.

If a child is removed from a home by CPS or if you speak to a CPS worker in regards to the allegations, it important that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

CPS is also permitted to remove a minor from a home without being in possession of a court order; however, upon removal, they must obtain this type of order within a certain amount of time. The parents or guardians will then be sent a copy of it, which will obtain the date and time for a hearing that will determine whether or not the child should be returned to them. This hearing is required to be held within 14 days of removal.

The case will then be scheduled to go before a judge or jury, and will determine whether or not the rights of the parents should be terminated. CPS will be required to complete the case within one year; however, they can also request a six-month extension only one time.