Affordable Austin Expungement Attorney

​If you have been arrested in Texas, your record is made available to the public. Law enforcement, as well as individuals and private entities can search your name in a database and see any arrest you have on your record. Fortunately for many people, getting their arrest records expunged is a possibility.

Securing an expunction in Texas ends with a complete destruction, or erasing, of your criminal file. It is unable to be viewed by law enforcement as well as anyone else. It is as if it never happened

You may be eligible for an expunction if you fall into one of the following situations:

  • ​​Your charges, or case, was dismissed
  • ​Charges were never filed after your arrest
  • ​A grand jury “no billed”, or rejected your charge
  • An appellate court overturned your conviction
  • ​A jury found you “not guilty”
  • ​Yours was a case of mistaken identity, and you were not the arrested person

​There are some exceptions and situations wherein you may not be eligible for an expunction. It is important to have a personal, confidential consultation with a competent attorney. Please contact us at ​281-743-0016 to schedule one today.

Austin Texas Non-Disclosure Attorney    (Seal your record)

Many people are under the erroneous impression that if you plead to and complete Deferred Adjudication in Texas that your case has been dismissed and that you are able to get your record expunged. In fact, your “dismissed” case, or successful completion, cannot be expunged, but can be “sealed” via what is called an Order for Non-Disclosure. This process typically takes 45 days from the time the motion is filed with the clerk.

An Order of Non-Disclosure is distinct from an expunction, and is limited in scope. A non-disclosure guards your record from the viewing eyes of the general public, but still makes it available to criminal justice agencies, as well as certain other entities such as:

Texas Teacher Licensing

Texas Insurance Licensing

In the event you cannot expunge your arrest record, a non-disclosure remains an attractive option for those desiring some privacy regarding past legal matters. As always, there are exceptions and details that you will need to go over with a licensed Texas attorney.

Please call our law firm at 281-743-0016 to discuss your options. We look forward to hearing from you.